Why choose two wedding photographers?

Weddings are about celebrating the union of two people, and we think the rule of two applies to wedding photography too.

First and foremost, we know our craft and we each have our unique ways of working with our bridal parties in staged and candid shots. Taking photographs is what we know and love, and we share a desire to go the extra mile for every image. We know each other so we are able to work seamlessly around you and your wedding guests throughout the wedding.

We can be in two places at once

Weddings are so much about the coming together of two worlds, and on the wedding day itself this can mean two lots of excitement happening in two different places ahead of the ceremony. Being a man and a woman together we are able to access all areas, leaving no special moment missed. We can cover the bridal party wedding prep and the groom’s party prep as they unfold so you don’t have to choose. Having two independent cameras means there is no decision to be made over what gets photographed and what must be missed; you can have it all. We are able to make the most of us as a team working as a unit as well as spreading out and using our experience and initiative to its fullest.

We can provide styling and assistance

The bride and the dress are a classic focal point for a collection of wedding photographs and having two pairs of hands can do wonders here too. Not only does it mean two creative minds working collaboratively with the bride and groom but also it means one of us can help move the dress, train or veil into position to get the perfect shots. Nothing worse than seeing your final photographs and the feeling ‘if only my veil was in the correct place’ This is also a huge time saver and means that the experience for the happy couple being photographed is smooth and, most importantly, fun!

We get two different perspectives - both actions and reactions

This full coverage of the wedding event extends to rehearsal dinners, transitional moments from church or registry office to the reception or after party venues. When it comes to the ceremony, another aspect of our unique offer as a pair of wedding photographers is that we can capture both the view of the bride entering the church and walking down the aisle, and the view of the groom and the guests’ reactions as one of us can be located at the front of the aisle and the other at the back. This is such an important moment in your wedding journey.

The benefits of the dual camera perspective apply to the rest of the proceedings as well and can be particularly brilliant for speeches. Again one of us can focus on the person giving the speech and the other can be free range amongst the guests photographing their reactions.

Having two cameras in play means we can capture more of the magic as it happens. It is all leading up to and the results when you have your wedding photograph collection after the event are priceless.

We are a couple and a team

We want to ensure each part of your unique wedding experience is caught elegantly on camera to capture the true atmosphere of love and celebration. Working together to crystallise your big day is our favourite way of working. It is effective, creative and most of all we feel it gives our wedding parties the freedom to relax and concentrate on immersing themselves in the big day. Investing in us to capture and commemorate your wedding experience is a huge honour and we love working with couples to bring about their dream wedding photographs.

Having two wedding photographers is a fantastic tool to be able to add another dimension of coverage to key focal points of the day such as group photos and family of the bride and groom photographs. Again, as a pair we bring two creative brains and can work with you and your guests to create gorgeous wedding photographs that will be the perfect commemoration of the day for years to come.

Advantages of us being a male/female photography couple

As well as there being two of us, there are also some advantages to one us being male and one of us being female. For example, when taking the pre-wedding getting ready shots, brides tend to be much more comfortable when there is a woman in the room photographing as opposed to a man.

Additionally, we have slightly different perspectives when it comes to taking some photos. Being a woman, I tend to notice the intrinsic details in certain situations and so when Steve is setting up a family shot or a shot between the couple then I tend to look for the candid moments between these shots that won’t always be noticed. Whether that be laughing mid-conversation when you think the camera isn’t shooting or getting in a quick kiss whilst you wait for the next set up – I like to get these sneaky shots when you’re not paying attention as I think they all add to the story telling.

Finally to this, two photographers are never the same. We all have different photographing styles and editing styles and having these come from two different wedding photographers can add to the creativity and diversity of your wedding gallery and photobook.

Not just hiring an unknown second photographer for the day

Because we are a couple and a professional working team, we know how to get the most from each other and in turn give you the most comprehensive wedding photography service. Solo photographers can sometimes offer the two-photographer service by hiring a second for the day. However, our familiarity and experience in working together gives us the edge that we feel really pays off when it come to the end product.

It also means you can meet both of us well in advance and we can be resourceful and strategic about how to capture the wedding photographs you want. There will be the classic photographs that you may want such as the full wedding party, individual and together portraits of the bride and groom, and smaller group pictures of the bridesmaids, best men, ushers and page boys. But beyond that, we can offer more of the candid shots as well. We love capturing candid moments between the couple and their guests as it is often where the true fairy-tale like magic is.

Double the coverage

Having the two of us as your wedding photographers means we can cover more. More angles, a wider range of perspectives and even be taking two sets of the same group photographs in different locations at once to give you maximum choice when it comes to choosing the final edit of your wedding photograph collection. It also means we can deliver a higher technical quality of photograph. With a spare pair of hands to hold lights, reflective panels, and offer styling direction with props such as the veil or hats, we can deliver gorgeously high spec images. We work collaboratively to capture a set of truly distinctive and soulful wedding portraits and group shots to bring the spirit of your wedding out.

Once again, having one of us available to support the other in gathering different group shots and directing the composition, we can save you time and fuss so you can get on with the most important thing, enjoying your special day together.

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