Drone Wedding Photography

Stunning Aerial views of the wedding venue

A drone will capture unique aerial views of your wedding venue

Many wedding venues have stunning scenery and landscapes that can only be fully appreciated from above.

Aerial photography can create a sense of drama and excitement in your wedding photos, adding an extra layer of emotion to your special day.

Drones are perfect for capturing large weddings.

Aerial photography can help tell the story of your wedding day.

A drone can provide a bird’s eye view of your wedding ceremony and reception, capturing the entire scene in one shot.

Creative and unique perspective on the wedding

The photo on the left shows how a drone can capture interesting angles.  The ruins here, very close to Dudley register office, have been included with the wedding party.

This perspective can highlight the beauty of the surrounding landscape, architecture, and décor.

Drones can capture unique perspectives that you might not have thought of otherwise. For example, a drone can capture the view of the ceremony from above, showing the pattern of the flowers and the seating arrangements.

Overall, using a drone at your wedding can add a unique and creative touch to your wedding memories that you can cherish for years to come.

Panoramic view of the Church

Using a drone to capture a panoramic photo of a church at a wedding can provide a unique and stunning perspective of the ceremony and the surrounding environment. Drones can capture aerial shots of the church and its surroundings, providing a bird’s-eye view of the location, and allowing for the capture of expansive and panoramic images that can showcase the beauty and grandeur of the building and the surrounding scenery.

Captures guests arriving at the venue

Capturing guests arriving at the venue for a wedding using drone photography can be a unique and creative way to document the event. 

The photo on the right was the groomsmen arriving at the venue early in the day before anyone else.  I already had the drone in the air taking photos of the venue.  When I saw the groomsmen had arrived I simply turned it around to capture this shot.

Drones can capture aerial footage of the entire event space, providing a more comprehensive view of the venue and the guests arriving. This can be particularly useful for outdoor weddings, where the landscape and surrounding areas can add to the beauty of the occasion.

Night Time Drone Photos

A nighttime drone photo can capture the beauty of the wedding venue at night, especially if it has beautiful lighting or a scenic view.  The one you see on the left shows how the venue was lit in the evening and captures a view very rarely seen.  This could have included your guests out enjoying a summers evening. 

A nighttime drone photo can provide a unique and memorable perspective of the wedding, capturing the couple, guests, and the venue in a way that traditional photography cannot.

A nighttime drone photo can also showcase any fireworks or other special effects that are part of the wedding celebration, adding to the excitement and fun of the event.


The Wedding Guests and the Venue

This shot shows how with a drone you cn capture the whole wedding party and the whole venue.

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