Post-Wedding Jobs for photo-graphers

We are Steve and Laura, two wedding photographers that love wedding photography. We have put together a list of ‘post-wedding jobs’ that all photographers should do before your big day.

41. Backing up and securing the captured images

Steve is meticulous in backing up and securing the captured images because he understands the irreplaceable value of preserving precious memories for the long term.

42. Sorting and selecting the best images for editing

Laura excels at the intricate task of sorting and selecting the best images for editing, ensuring that every cherished moment from the special day is beautifully captured.

43. Editing and retouching the photos

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Laura, as a creative wedding photographer, possesses an impeccable eye for detail and a keen artistic sensibility, making her the perfect choice for editing and retouching photos to enhance their beauty and capture the essence of each special moment.

44. Creating a consistent look and style for the images

Laura, with her keen eye for detail and creativity, plays a crucial role in ensuring a consistent look and style for the images captured by the two wedding photographers, infusing each photo with her distinctive artistic touch.

45. Creating an online gallery or album for the couple

Once Laura has edited all of the photos, Steve will create the online galleries and upload all of the photos and create the short links for the couple to be able to easily access their photos.

This also makes it easy for the couple to share the online gallery link with their friends and family.

46. Selecting images for a sneak peek or teaser

With Laura’s keen sense of storytelling through photography, she is much better than Steve at selecting and curating teaser images that beautifully narrate the couple’s love story from their wedding day.

47. Creating custom prints or albums

With Laura’s passion for capturing the most cherished moments of a couple’s special day, she’s the perfect choice for creating custom prints and albums that transform those moments into tangible treasures, preserving memories for a lifetime.

48. Delivering the final edited images to the couple

Laura’s meticulous attention to detail and dedication to post-processing guarantees that the couple receives a stunning collection of edited photos that perfectly encapsulate their wedding memories.

49. Handling any requested revisions or additional edits

Laura’s extensive experience in post-production and her commitment to client satisfaction make her the perfect choice for managing requested revisions or additional edits, guaranteeing that the gallery of images exceeds expectations.

50. Providing the couple with high-resolution digital files

Steve, is dedicated to providing the couple with high-resolution digital files because he believes in preserving the timeless beauty of their special day in the highest quality for lasting memories.  These can be online or sent via a USB stick.

51. Archiving the wedding photos for future reference

Steve, is committed to archiving the wedding photos for future reference.  This is done using online backup cloud storage.  However, the client receives the images via an online gallery that is permanent and this also acts as a backup storage mechanism.

52. Collecting feedback and reviews from the couple

Laura, will likely request feedback and reviews from the couple to ensure their satisfaction and to continually improve our photography services, as positive testimonials can also help attract future clients.

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