Pre-Wedding Jobs for photo-graphers

We are Steve and Laura, two wedding photographers that love wedding photography. We have put together a list of ‘pre-wedding jobs’ that all photographers should do before your big day.

1. Initial couple consultation

We do this to get an overview of what you are looking for and what you have planned for the day.

2. Contract and paperwork handling

We do not feel the need for contracts ourselves but some couples request a contract, which we are more than happy to supply.

3. Pre-wedding engagement session

We love doing this as it is a great chance for us to get to know you and for you to feel more comfortable in front of the camera.

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4. Wedding timeline and shot list preparation

We like to know your timeline (although we are very flexible) . This helps us make sure we are prepared with the correct equipment for each part of your day . The shot list helps us make sure we don’t miss any shot that may be important to you . This is really just for the group/family shots . It’s not often you get families together so we like to ensure we don’t miss anyone important . It also means we don’t have to bother you during the day . 

5. Equipment check and maintenance

Everything needs to be checked and set up before the big day . Batteries charged and all equipment checked to avoid any nasty surprises with equipment letting you down.

6. Communication with other vendors (e.g. wedding planner)

We make contact with your wedding planner . This helps the day run smoother when everyone knows what is happening and when.

7. Location scouting

We like to visit all locations before the wedding day. This helps is scout out the best places for you shots

8. Backup equipment preparation

We carry 5 cameras on the day between us. 9 lenses and various lights .. We always have a backup just in case the unforeseen may take place.

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