Wedding Day Jobs for photo-graphers

We are Steve and Laura, two wedding photographers that love wedding photography. We have put together a list of ‘wedding day jobs’ that all photographers should do before your big day.

9. Arriving early at the wedding venue

We always arrive early , we like to take some drone footage at this time and also gives us a chance to photograph the preparations and set up of your venue. 

10. Capturing shots of the venue and decor

We capture everything you have so carefully arranged, we don’t miss any detail 

11. Photographing the wedding attire

Including the wedding dress, shoes, jewellery, and accessories. Laura always asks the bride and Steve always asks the groom for all the accessories they are using or wearing on the day.

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12. Candid shots of the bride getting ready

Laura usually takes the majority of these as the bride is closer to being ready rather than at 7am in the morning when just getting started.

13. Candid shots of the groom getting ready

This never takes very long but is no less important

14. Detail shots of the wedding rings

Laura often likes to put the brides wedding/ engagement ring in the flowers.

15. Detail shots of the wedding invitation and other stationery

Important memories of the day and often overlooked.

16. Photographing the bridal bouquet and other floral arrangements

So much time, effort and costs goes into the flowers and they always look fabulous.

17. Capturing candid moments with the wedding party

We captures candid moments with the wedding party to freeze those genuine, unscripted emotions and memories that make the big day feel so real and special

18. Photographing the brides reveal with her bridesmaids and or father

Laura captures the bride’s reveal with her bridesmaids and/or father to freeze those heartwarming, exciting and often emotional moments.

19. Formal portraits of the couple

We snap those fancy formal shots of the couple ’cause it’s like capturing their A-game, you know, the glamorous, all-dressed-up version of themselves.

20. Candid shots of guests arriving at the venue

We take candid shots of guests arriving to capture the genuine excitement, emotions, and spontaneous moments that make the day feel very real.

21. Capturing the ceremony setup

Recording the ceremony setup to capture the beautiful decor and details that set the mood.

22. Shots of guests seating themselves

We sometimes take pictures of guests seating themselves to capture candid moments and emotions as people gather, mingle, and settle in, adding depth and authenticity to the wedding story.

23. Photographing the bride and bridesmaids procession from the car to the church

We capture the procession of the bride and bridesmaids from the car to the church to document the anticipation and excitement of the moment, creating a visual story of the journey before the ceremony.

24. Capturing the bride's entrance

Here we immortalise the emotionally charged and visually stunning moment when the bride first appears, symbolising the beginning of the wedding ceremony and the couple’s new journey together.

25. Documenting the ceremony, including vows, ring exchange, and first kiss

We shoot at the front & the back  of the ceremony and will photograph the whole ceremony, including vows, ring exchange, and first kiss, to capture the most important and significant moments that epitomise the emotional essence and unique story of the couple’s special day.

26. Candid shots of the audience's reactions during the ceremony

We will often take candid shots of the audience’s reactions during the ceremony to preserve genuine, spontaneous moments, reflecting the emotional atmosphere and the guests’ shared joy in the celebration.

27. Formal family portraits

Both of us will often take formal family portraits to create timeless and elegant keepsakes that honour the gathering of loved ones… especially as everyone is looking fabulous to attend your wedding.

28. Formal wedding party portraits

Laura will usually take these photographs to capture the formal wedding party portraits to create timeless, elegant memories of the special day, and by Steve organising everyone efficiently and communicating clearly, the process is kept quick and seamless, ensuring a smooth flow of the day’s events.

29. Candid shots of the couple and guests during the drinks reception

Together we will capture candid shots of the couple and guests during the drinks reception to encapsulate the natural, unposed joy and interactions of the day, we feel this creates a more authentic reminder of the days as a whole.

30. Photographing the reception setup and decor

Laura, with her keen eye for detail and a passion for capturing the ambiance of special events, would excel at photographing the reception setup and decor at a wedding, ensuring that every intricate detail and the overall atmosphere are beautifully preserved.

31. Shots of the wedding cake

Steve, with his keen eye for detail and artistic flair, would capture stunning shots of the wedding cake, ensuring that its elegance and the couple’s unique style are beautifully preserved in their wedding album.

32. Candid shots of guests mingling

Steve, with his keen eye for natural expressions and moments, would expertly capture candid shots of guests mingling to encapsulate the genuine joy and spontaneity of the wedding celebration.

33. Reception entrance of the couple

Steve would capture the reception entrance of the couple to beautifully document the joyful and candid moments as they step into the celebration, showcasing his talent for capturing genuine emotions.

34. Documenting toasts and speeches

Laura and Steve,both excel at capturing the heartfelt emotions and reactions during toasts and speeches, ensuring every candid moment is beautifully documented.

35. Photographing the first dance

Steve, an experienced wedding photographer, captures the intimate moments of the first dance to preserve the couple’s love story through his lens, while Laura, a skilled wedding photographer, brings out the emotion and connection in each dance to create timeless memories for the newlyweds.

36. Candid shots of guests dancing and celebrating

Steve and Laura take shots of guests dancing and celebrating bringing out the energy and joy of the party.  We are careful not just to make people look like funny shapes, so we slow the shutter speed down and use lighting to make it look like the party is in full flow.

37. Photographing any special traditions like the bouquet toss

Steve and Laura, will also capture cherished moments like the bouquet toss to preserve the joyful traditions that add an extra layer of magic to every couple’s special day.

38. Capturing candid moments at the photo booth (if available)

our guests will often have fun trying the funny hats and glasses on at the photo booth, so we capture some of those candid/funny moments

39. Documenting the cutting of the wedding cake

We always capture the moment of cutting the wedding cake because it symbolises the couple’s first joint task as newlyweds and signifies the beginning of their life together.

40. Photographing the couple's exit in the form of a sparkler exit

This is something we have done many times and we have perfected it to now be one of our favourite photographs of the day.  It is often lots of fun getting everyone in place and everyone always loves to wave a sparkler in the air.


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